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Showbiz Club, Melbourne, Australia.


Welcome to the Showbiz Club Melbourne website. The club is a not-for-profit social club that meets once a month, when members relax and have some musical fun. The random draw on the night results in a variety of styles, but with some of Melbourne's prominent jazz musicians as members, often has a jazz flavour.


Membership is for to those with an involvement in the entertainment business as performers, or in other capacities, and their partners. For those who've paid the annual membership fee, there's no charge for attendance on the night, and there are some terrific door prizes every month. Financial members can also advertise gigs in our monthly gig guide and we publish regular newsletters to capture the fun.


For admission, you must be a member or invited by a member.

Guests and Visitors

Guests and Visitors are very welcome but need to be introduced by a club member and pay an entry fee of $5.

For an invitation to the club, please use the Contact page or come along with one of our current members. If you've gigged around the traps in Melbourne, you may spot a familiar face in our photo galleries.

Anita Harris Jazz at Showbiz Club Melbourne
Showbiz Night | Showbiz Club Melbourne
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